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What is a Country Assessment?

Our Country Assessments are created by conducting a PESTEL Analysis, a useful tool that assists with strategic management.  It provides an overview of several macro-environmental factors that impact your business.  This analysis identifies your company's threats and weaknesses (two components of a SWOT Analysis). 


The information enables you to assess the risks and determine whether the venture is worth pursuing.  If deemed feasible, the information also enables you to devise risk reduction strategies.

What Type of Information is Included?

Our comprehensive PESTEL Analyses cover the six critical factors listed below.  Examples of some of the information included are also listed.

  • Political - government leadership, level of corruption, and political stability/instability
  • Economic - unemployment level, inflation, and economic growth
  • Socio-cultural - culture, demographics, and population growth
  • Technological - technology and infrastructure
  • Environmental - ecological, environmental regulations, and corporate social responsibility
  • Legal - employment law and health and safety

Where Does QBC Obtain Its Data?

QBC uses reliable sources to create its analyses.  Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • World Bank Group
  • International Trade Administration
  • U.S. Department of State
  • Transparency International
  • Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook


Reduce your risks, avoid costly mistakes, and improve your decision-making capabilities by contacting us before you decide to expand to a foreign market.

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