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Quality Business Consultants, Inc.

Quality Business Consultants, Inc. (QBC) is a research consulting company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs interested in pursuing foreign markets.  Our Country Assessments help you reduce your risks, avoid costly mistakes, and improve your decision-making capabilities.

Reduce Your Risks

Your company can create new opportunities and capitalize on its core competencies by expanding to foreign markets. Although there is a lot to potentially gain, there is also a lot to potentially lose.  Deciding to expand to a foreign market is a major decision that should not be taken lightly.  There are numerous critical factors that must be considered and evaluated.


Too often, companies make the decision to expand without obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the foreign country.  As a result, enormous amounts of time and money are wasted.


QBC helps you reduce your risks by researching the foreign country and providing you with pertinent information and analyses to help you determine whether the potential venture is worthwhile.



Avoid Costly Mistakes

Several global brands invested substantial capital, entered foreign markets, and struggled to obtain success.  A few examples are listed below.


Many of these American companies failed, to some extent, because they imposed American philosophies and strategies.  It is imperative that you and your business have a clear understanding of the foreign country, how to conduct business there, anad demonstrate respect for the country's culture.  Failure to do so can result in wasted resources and damaged business relationships.  It can also negatively impact your company's reputation.



Improve Your Decision-Making Capabilities

Arming yourself with accurate and up-to-date country-specific data and our analyses will enable you to determine if the proposed venture is feasible.


Our Country Assessments help you reduce risks, avoid costly mistakes, and make informed decisions.

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